Big S Asphalt Company has been a leader in the paving and asphalt maintenance industry for over 30 years. From our headquarters in Yuba City Ca., Big S Asphalt Co. services clients from Stockton to Redding – and from the coast to the Sierras. Big S Asphalt Co. can construct, maintain and repair any parking lot, driveway, roadway, play ground or sport court. Big S Asphalt Co offers services in hard and soft demolition as well.

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When your asphalt shows signs of deterioration such as cracks, color change from black to gray, appearance of dirt and sand in the cracks, or broken up areas, it is time to call your trusted, local asphalt experts. Located in Yuba City, California, one of the most recognized paving and asphalt maintenance contractors is Big S Asphalt Co. With over 30 years of existence in the paving industry, Big S Asphalt has proven its ability to effectively deliver unwavering quality on all of its paving and asphalt maintenance projects.

In need of tenant improvements or complete demolition, contact Big S Asphalt Co. also. With specialties in hard demolition, soft demolition, and saw cutting, the skilled team will remove all materials, clear the debris, clean the area, and recycle all products properly. Hard demolition consists of concrete, asphalt, rocks, wood, and structures. Soft demolition would be interior of buildings and houses, including any fixtures, sheet rock, ceiling tiles, and tile or flooring. Our experienced team can precisely saw cut any asphalt, concrete, or curbs needed.

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The Big S Asphalt Co. offers a wide range of services, from installing new asphalt to repair or restore your parking lot, driveway, or roadway. Specifically, Big S Asphalt Co. performs the following: demolition, seal coating, patching, parking lot striping, ADA compliant stalls and ramps, hot rubber crack filling, petro-mat overlays, and boni-fiber overlays. With the commitment to providing outstanding workmanship, Big S Asphalt Co. has a reliable and qualified team of asphalt experts, using the latest and industry-approved materials and equipment to get the job done right the first time. Our team of estimators will visit your site and walk the project with you and offer options to get your asphalt to its best condition. Weighing budgets, scope of work, and final desired results, we will advise you and provide an estimate on your project in hopes to gain your business.

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